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performance space & anarchist toy shop

Scamleys was part of a 3 week exhibition, 'Soup of the Day', in the Brixton Village Market on Coldharbour lane. 5 shows, held in our own anarchist toy shop featuring bands, live noize, dance, poetry, spoken word, civil disobedience and general chaos :-)

Scamleys was brought to you by, among others, in no particular order...

The Digitariat -- Atwar -- Anxt -- Jenny Verson -- Khanjar Al-Mara -- Nothing -- Live Bands -- Karmadillo -- Guy Pride -- Male Gaze -- Yap -- Mr Gee -- Tom Ireson -- Stephan Hays -- Hannah Lammin -- The Devotchka's Connundrum -- Algorithmic Garden Furniture -- I Could Do Better Than That -- Al Maximal -- Khanjar Al-Mara -- Pitchless Industries

Huge thanks to everyone who performed and everyone who came to see them, we couldn't have done it without you.
If we missed you off the list (sorry it wasn't on purpose) or if you have some photos - let us know.